Why Us

What sets us apart ?

In fact, many things. Let’s detail a few:

1. Quality of materials – we use only materials of the highest quality – our insulation comprises of a very high percentage of recycled glass, is certified EnergyStar and GreenCircle. It is formaldehyde free, and it uses plant based binders. Our air ducts are incredibly flexible and are protected with a durable silver jacket. We warranty them for 10 years! Our QuietCool fans are top of the line. Vapor Barriers are reinforced with metal strings for enhanced durability and performance. We do not compromise on quality – and neither should you! 

2. We warranty our work for far longer than any other contractors. We provide a 10 year warranty for our air ducts, furnaces, ACs and fans, 25 years for our insulation, and a LIFETIME warranty on our labor in case of installation deficiencies – setting us well above industry standards! We do it once, and we do it right. A one time expense.

3. Range – There are absolutely 0 contractors in the bay area that specialize in such a wide array of services. It was a top priority to establish ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all your home’s energy and air quality needs. We are second to none in the diversity and range of products and services we offer. It’s a hassle free experience for home owners that finally have the luxury of dealing with one company, one representative, under one invoice, for such a cornucopia of solutions. All at a much reduced cost.

4. Our quantity of services are surpassed only by their quality. A true and honest devotion to one’s work is a rarity these days but a staple at EM Energy&Air. No concern is left unanswered, no relationship is unrewarded, and no customer is left unmoved by the spectacle of professionalism they witness. Get ready to be AMAZED!

5. Size and personal touch. While most businesses aim to perpetually expand, we aim to remain small. That’s the key to ensure quality of life alongside quality of work. In a small business, each customer counts. No one gets lost under mountains of numbers and data. The owner communicates with each and every client and is involved in every step of their journey with us. Some work as corporations while others work alone. We work as a family. Join us.

Let us improve your home's efficiency and life style quality!

We warranty our work for far longer than any other contractor

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Why Us 

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