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Air Ducts

There are myriad reasons to replace HVAC air ducts. Here are a few:

1. Until the 80s, most homes were fitted with rigid metallic air ducts wrapped with  unprotected insulation and often asbestos too. Over time, insulation around the air ducts falls off or overheats, allowing a lot of heat and cool air to escape. Our Silver Jacket flexible air ducts are insulated with thick R6 fiberglass insulation and are wrapped with a durable protective layer. This means improved air pressure, better energy efficiency, and reduced bills!

2. Air leaks are prevalent in old air ducts as gaps form between the segments of metal making up the duct. This results in weaker air flow, and more importantly, allows the penetration of contaminanted air of the crawl space and attic into the ducts – adulterating the air you breathe!

3. Rodents active in the attic and crawl space are desperate to stay warm in the winter months, leading them to puncture holes in the air ducts. Aside from the compromised air pressure, this can result in a severe contamination of the air system as rodents defecate and urinate inside the air ducts.

5. Electricians, plumbers, and other technicians often damage and dent the air ducts as they crawl around those tight spaces, resulting in weakened air flow.

6. Many HVAC systems have various asbestos components – plenums, boots, connectors and air ducts. Replacing the air ducts is an opportunity to abate the asbestos and remove this dangerous mineral from your house.


Heating & Cooling

Old furnaces propel dust throughout the HVAC system and into your lungs. Not only our lungs pay the price, but also our pockets. Bulky and inefficient old furnaces consume a lot of energy. As the climate rapidly changes, Air Conditioning systems are becoming ever more quintessential. Alongside those,  we also offer minisplit ductless heat pumps installations, which can be cheaper, gas-free and more efficient.

We replace existing systems as well as lay down the foundations for an entirely new HVAC system from scratch. Gas or electricity powered units, big and small, of all brands to suit any budget. Variable speed units or slim line, split territorial zoning or air flow manipulations. Whatever your needs, we can deliver.


Let us improve your home's efficiency and life style quality!

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