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What, Why, When and How ?

Well, the most important question is actually Who?! Us! But that comes without saying so on to the others.

Rodents love infesting attics. Squirrels, mice, and especially rats, use attics for shelter, nesting, food storage, and reproduction. Even possums, raccoons, birds and several other animals visit attics when possible. All these critters, rats in particular, grace the attic with their feces and urine, ubiquitously spread all throughout. They also don’t spare the attic harmful practices that cause extensive damage to electricity wires, air ducts, fire sprinklers.. you name it. This all results in large scale contamination of the attic insulation. Oy vey.

In these unfortunate cases, we do a complete 5-step attic make over –

1. First, we remove EVERYTHING from the attic – all the contaminated insulation, debris, dust, carcasses and droppings. Typically, we deploy a heavy duty 23 horse-power vacuum machine to help us be as thorough as possible.

2. Once everything is removed, we can proceed to close all the entry points allowing rodents access into the attic. In most cases we will also seal the holes from the roof, in the crawl space, garage, and exterior of the house to ensure the whole house is 110% secured from any rodent penetration.

3. We must then sanitize extensively in an effort to disinfect and decontaminate the space.

4. An attic absent of insulation is the perfect opportunity to tightly air seal all the gaps around the ceiling fixtures to minimize the penetration of air from the attic or the escape of heat from the living space.

5. Finally, the attic is ready to be re-insulated with our high quality insulation.

A new, clean, sanitary and safe attic! Mission complete.


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