Moisture Mitigation

Vapor Barrier

Crawl space moisture is our enemy. Why?

The soil under our floor often carries a lot of moisture that severely damages and weakens the foundations of the house. Untreated, this can eventually result in uneven floors, instability, and vulnerability to seismic activity and earthquakes – all of which will necessitate replacement of the foundations!

Moist soil invites various pests like rats, mice, skunks, raccoons, termites, ants and spiders.

Moisture brings about mold, calcium deposits, fungi. It also induces plants, roots, and mushroom growth in the fertile soil under your house.

A vapor barrier is a thick tarp that covers and encapsulates all the dirt and soil in the crawl space, and thereby effectively contains the moisture. It also makes the crawl space much more sanitary and comfortable to crawl in. Technicians and plumbers don’t have to crawl in mud, AND you can utilize this space for storage! If you suffered from rodent activity down there, the barrier will cover all the droppings and urine, protecting you from all the associated bacteria. In time, the waste will integrate into the underlying soil.

In cases of standing water in the Crawl Space, it must be extracted. Water penetration is a big problem and can be rectified in a number of ways, depending on the source of the water. French drains are common solutions to flooded crawl spaces as they can divert the water away from the crawl space or into a pit with a Sump Pump that extracts the water.

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