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We offer a wide range of services so YOU can have an all round solution to your home’s needs. 

From Insulation, to Rodent Control, through to Attic ventilation and Crawl Space encapsulation. On to moisture mitigation and water diversion to air sealing and general cleaning. Not enough? You’re right. Also HVAC systems installation, Air ducts cleaning and replacements, Whole house fans and sewage removal. A to Z, we got you covered. So look no further, as you’ve found El Dorado – where dreams come true!

We stand behind our work

We warranty our work for far longer than any other contractors. We provide a 10 year warranty for our air ducts, 25 years for our insulation, and a lifetime warranty on our labor in case of installation deficiencies

EM Energy & Air

We are a family-owned small business where every customer counts. We are available and prepared to address any concern 7 days a week. We believe in long term symbiotic and personal relationships with our customers. From the moment you call all the way to the project completion, you deal with only one representative that manages all aspects of the work estimation, preparation and execution, all the while delivering personable customer service.

Let us show you how much we care. Give us a call.

About Us

EM Energy & Air

We specialize in what no one wants to specialize in. The little known parts of the house that are most scary and dirty – the attic and crawl spaces above the ceiling and below the floors. We offer almost any service imaginable in those spaces that affect energy efficiency and air quality of the home – from insulation, to rodent control, through moisture mitigation and HVAC, attic ventilation and air duct cleaning. We are a one stop shop for anyone wishing for a more climatically comfortable home where they can feel safe and breathe clean air. We set ourselves apart by delivering the highest standard of customer service. As a small business, we pay careful attention to each and every customer and the owner speaks with all clientele personally to ensure they are well taken care of from A to Z. We go the extra mile in every step of the way.

The Process

How the Magic happens

When you finally decide to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and contact us, a service oriented representative will take your call and together we will find a good time for us to come by for a FREE inspection.

Then, the fun begins. An exceptionally in depth preliminary free inspection will be conducted. Many photos and important, often eye-opening, information will be delivered in a comprehensive fashion that allows for Q&A.

A detailed service proposal that encompasses solutions to a wide array of problems will be handed to you on the spot along with all the pricing for your review.

You will then submit to the unstoppable temptation to make the best decision of your life and hire us. Together we will find a suitable time for the work execution, never more than 2 weeks away. A 10% deposit will be claimed.

Finally, our dedicated crew of pros perform the services requested, following detailed instructions, photos and checklists.

The work is done. Your house is again the lovely home it deserves to be. Payment is made after your satisfaction is ascertained and you officially join our ever growing family.

Our Services


We insulate attics, walls, sub-floors, sub-roofs garages, basements, new construction, air ducts. Pretty much anything anywhere.

Crawl Space Moisture Mitigation

We install vapor barriers to encapsulate crawl spaces and control moisture. Sump pumps and french drains help divert water away.

Roof Replacements

Roofing jobs require a high level of expertise and cannot tolerate corner cutting. Do it once. Do it right. With us.

modern shed

Backyard Accessory Units

Need more space? How about extra storage, your personal home office or an extra bedroom?

Rodent Exclusion

We identify the entry points allowing rodents access into all parts of the home, and seal them permanently.

Heat reduction

Old furnaces propel dust throughout the HVAC system and into your lungs. Not only our lungs pay the price, but also our pockets.

Attic Makeover

90% of homes across America are poorly insulated! Replacing the insulation in your home is very important!It’s an opportunity

HVAC and Ducting

We install furnaces, air conditioners, minisplits, air ducts and all HVAC components, as well as attic fans, whole house fans and air duct cleaning.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

We clean EVERYTHING in attics and crawl spaces – contaminated insulation, debris, dust, carcasses, droppings, sewage, you name it!

Home Remodeling

We offer a variety of general contracting work for homeowners wishing to update parts of their property.

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Our Client Reviews

Brian Debois

I had a small issue with a simple fix yet everyone I called tried to sell me a $5k + job. These guys cut to the chase, didn’t try to upsell or talk BS about crap I don’t need. Distinctly honest, ethical and well priced.

Cristina Mendoza

My HVAC system was performing poorly. The air ducts were 100 years old, and the furnace was making bizarre noises. Eilon did a thorough inspection of my furnace, attics and crawl space, showed me shocking photos of their condition and wrote up an estimate that I immediately accepted. A week later I had a  brand new HVAC and air distribution systems. This company felt honest and determined to do things right.

Howard Webb

I got a few people to look at my attic insulation and make recommendations. Frankly, it was a no brainer. Eilon, the owner, came out and was 3 levels above everyone else, with prices 2 levels below. Within a few days it was all done. Smooth and simple. Couldn’t be happier.

Vivek Krishna

I hired EM Energy&Air, rather desperately, after a year long extermination effort failed. Already at the inspection the technician identified the problem and the following day it was all resolved. Fast, reliable, professional. Can’t go wrong.

Alison Wong

5 stars doesn’t do these superstars justice! I called, they inspected, estimated, got hired, executed, got paid. All within a few days. Bham, wham, thank you ma’am. If only everything in life were that easy…

Let us improve your home's efficiency and life style quality!

We warranty our work for far longer than any other contractor

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