90% of homes across America are poorly insulated! Replacing the insulation in your home is very important! It’s an opportunity to thoroughly clean and disinfect the spaces of your home you never visit – even though you rarely go into your attic and crawl space, the dust, dirt, and contaminants in those spaces affect the air quality in your living space. Leaving them contaminated and dirty over time can have serious implications on your health!Removing the insulation allows much improved visibility of all the holes and gaps around the attic that allow access to rodents, pests and birds. Sealing all of these entry points is made possible only when there is no insulation to hide them. Awareness to the importance of Energy Efficiency is growing all over the world. Thick, new and high quality insulation reduces the heat loss in the winter and makes the home cooler in the summer – this will make your home not only more comfortable, but will also conserve energy as it minimizes the use of Heating and Cooling system, and will reduce your personal carbon footprint as you make the earth healthier!Some types of insulation prevalent in California are not fire safe – posing a serious risk for you and your family. Our high quality fiberglass insulation is made of at least 61% recycled glass and is 100% non-combustible, ensuring the safety of your family and home.  Moreover, many types of insulation used in the past carry traces of asbestos, formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals. Our insulation is certified to be free of all these toxins.  Insulation also helps with acoustics of your home – the airplanes, trains, car traffic, motorways and noisy neighbours will feel much farther away with thick insulation present in the attic and walls

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